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Welcome to AIFA Group International (AIFA Group)

We dedicated our commitment to serve people through diverse products and services covers advanced technology, telecommunication and pharmaceutical. We devote our talent and technology to create superior products and services that contribute better life quality to global society. AIFA Group focuses to provide the global society to enjoy affordable values and back to nature.

Creativity, innovative, transparency and professionalism are the hallmarks of leadership at AIFA Group. Through innovative approach, reliable facilities, talented people, ethical business practices and shared-values, we continually evolve to foster innovative ideas, create new products and services, and improve the every stake-holders quality of lives. AIFA Group practices a rigorous code of conduct as a core values and heart of every decision made.


AIFA Group founded by a young, committed, and professional entrepreneur; Mr. Aisan Fadhli Ab Halim. Holds a Master’s degree in Political science from University of Manchester, UK; he had been named as the President and Chief Executive Officer of AIFA Group. With his in-depth knowledge of management skill, excellence leadership and entrepreneur skill, he had build AIFA Group being grown as strong and reputable company. He is widely credited with growing businesses overseas, implementing policies and training programs that have earned AIFA Group the accreditation of being the best growing company.

Company Profile
AIFA Group International (AGI) had been established since 1998. Operated at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and AGI is a parent company to a group of AIFA diverse business entities namely:


1) AIFA Health Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
2) Bio Gallery Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
3) PT AIFA Health International (Indonesia)

Esulin – Diabetes Herbs (Malaysia):
Vigor Ice Lemon Tea (Indonesia)– Men Vitality Product:

Vigor Candy - Food suppliment



1) AIFA Telecommunication Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
2) IMRA Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
3) PT AIFA Telekomunikasi (Indonesia)
4) PT AIFA Nirmala Sistelindo (Indonesia)
5) AIFA Thai PLtd (Thailand

1) AIFA Call&Save (Telephone Saving Cost
Program): Services:
Malaysia& Indonesia, Bali;,,
2) GSM Product – Fixed Wireless Terminal, 3G terminal;

AIFA Group grew into a global corporation by facing challenges directly. In the years ahead, our dedicated people will continue to embrace many challenges and come up with innovative ideas to develop products and services that lead in their markets. Their ingenuity will continue to chart AIFA Group International as a resilience and professional corporation.

AIFA Group committed to become a leader of high quality of products and services that care to global societies. With high standard of professionalism in every aspect of our business processes and high ethical business practices, AIFA Group International offered significant values to be shared.

Our Vision
To become the leader of high quality “Green” products and services.

Our Mission
To leverage our values globally for better quality of life.

Our Philosophy
We believe in innovation and comm
itted to strive addressing the challenges of tomorrow.
We committed to create an innovative and affordable products and services that offer to global customers beyond their expectation.

It’s our objective to create new markets, enrich people’s quality of lives. We focus in emerging markets by tapping into business activities for people to prosper and enjoy our affordable shared-value and continue to build AIFA Group as a trusted market leader.

Our Shared-Value
At AIFA Group, we focus to contribute our significant shared-values through the followings:

Dedicated, skillful, experience and capable personnel to serve global society
Driven by an unyielding passion for service excellence and an unfaltering commitment to develop the best products and services on the market.

In today’s fast-paced global economy, change is constant and innovation is critical to a company’s survival. Over the years, we had set our sights on the future, anticipating market needs and demands, steering toward long-term company success.

Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass toward a good corporate governance that ensures fairness, respect, accountability, transparency and professionalism.

Dedicated to offer affordable product and services and being a socially and environmentally responsible in every community where we operate.

Our Plan&Strategy:

1. To ensure compliant of all stipulated regulation, practices and ethical standards.
2. To maintain a good corporate governance culture.
3. To professionally serve customers, generous respect and trust to all stake-holders.
4. To care about corporate responsibility towards prosperity of community and environmental.

Our Business Forte.
From Telecommunication diversified to health and pharmaceutical product and services, AIFA Group encompasses a variety of businesses that harness speed, creativity, efficiency and affordability. We focused and discovered our new products and services through legitimate research and development. AIFA Group strives to invent, develop and market the products that are defining how we live today and demanded by people globally.

Telecommunication (AIFA Telecommunication)
Our Premium service is powered by AIFA Telecommunications. We focus to be a leader in providing excellent corporate telecommunication services.

We committed in providing relevant technology standard to solidify our alliance with strategic business development and product re-branding around the world. We provide customers many aspects on the telephony needs that improve productivity, efficiency and cost saving. More details at

Pharmacy (Bio Gallery Sdn. Bhd and AIFA Health International)
AIFA Health International is a pharmacy division of parent company AIFA Group. We offer a healthy product that serve global societies, AIFA Health International directly controlling manufacturer, raw material, and license in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and a few Middle East countries. More details at

We strictly concern of out management and production standard. Our products is proven and accredited by World Health Organization (WHO), Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), HCCP, ISO9001/2000 and HALAL certification.
Our product is a “Green” product; i.e. nature medication or herbs.

We invent “Green” products and services with relevant “Green Certification

i) Esulin – Diabetes herbs – for Malaysia market
iii) VIGOR – for Indonesia market
iv) AIFA Call & Save (ACS) – telecommunication services program

International Accreditation
We observe and apprehend the important of best practices and international standard in every single process in delivering our products and services.

To-date AIFA Group had obtained the following accreditation:

i) ISO 9001/9002 – world quality certification
ii) BS 17799
iii) HALAL Certificates – for clean product and certified with Muslim regulation;,,,
iv) SIRIM – Malaysia Certification Body
v) BPOM (Ministry of Health Indonesia Certification)
vi) MAL (Ministry of Health Malaysia Certification)
vii) CPP (Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product from World Health Organization (WHO)
viii) Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) from local authority
ix) HCCP – world International quality standard

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